Do you have a special event that means a lot to you, but you're just not sure how to organize your party planning thoughts, how to execute a stress-free party, or how to plan on a budget? Let the Peasant Princess help you plan your special event!


Hi, my name is Vickibeth (short for Victoria Elizabeth). I work as a document control manager at a start-up medical device company in Monroeville, PA. I enjoy my job, but my passion is event planning~I love it! I married my best friend, Tim, in April 2013~he's the love of my life and I am so thankful for him!

My Dream, Your Party

Whether you're looking for a simple backyard BBQ bash or an elaborate wedding reception with linens and china and chair sashes, I would love to work with you. I have local vendors that I have worked with for several years and can coordinate many additional services through them while confidently giving you assurance that you won't be disappointed with their services. 

Sometimes clients have a great picture in their head of what they envision at their event, but the execution just isn't coming together...that's where I can help! I am extremely organized, love to decorate, am very aware of the little details, and get pure joy out of coming in under the event budget! I sale shop and do a lot of my own labor for my personal parties, I won't do less for my clients!

I am happy to come to you, meet you at a local cafe, or invite you to my home office.

Feel free to look through my gallery for a sample of my work. If you have any questions, please contact me.

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I approach my work with a unique perspective and feel confident that you will love the results. My goals are: 

1. to treat every client as a friend which means going the extra mile to put a smile on everyone's face, from the host(ess) to the youngest guest. 

2. to practice Biblical principles of conducting business by being honest and treating clients fairly.

3. to stay under budget and seek out "good deals" (princess results on a peasant budget).

4. to plan every event as if it were my own, right down to the smallest detail that only the sharpest eye could catch 

5. to make YOU successful at your event! Just because you didn't tie the chair sashes doesn't mean you can't take credit for throwing a fabulous party, right? After all, you were smart enough to hire the right planner~me! :)

Why "The Peasant Princess"?

Well there are several reasons that I chose "The Peasant Princess"...

  • "Princess" was my nickname when I was at college in Michigan.
  • "The Peasant Princess" references a marriage series that my husband and I listened to that greatly encouraged our marriage.
  • In the Song of Songs we see a love story between the wisest king that ever lived, Solomon, and his peasant-turned-princess wife. It's a beautiful love story that reminds me that God has big plans for us if we just trust Him!
  • I think every girl wants to consider herself a princess...I know I do! While I may like to think that I'm a princess, reality hits when I realize I'm more on the peasant/common budget...but why should that stop a Princess-like party!?


For several years now, as I have thrown parties and planned my own wedding from start to finish, people have consistently told me that "You really need to do this as your job," "You get the biggest smile when you are decorating," "I can't believe what you did with this space/budget/time frame. It's amazing!" I simply want to take that joy and the skills I have acquired and make people smile!

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Your information will never be sold or given to any other site without your permission. If I think you would benefit from being known by some other vendor, I will share their information with you and allow you to make that choose!

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